How Does Wechooze Work?

wechooze is the new way of band-fan interaction. It's not just another social media app, wechooze allows bands access to collect & analyze the same type of information the big businesses use to grow their companies while understanding their demographic better. All this information is now in one easy, convenient, & accessible place; at the tip of your fingers! The best part is your fans get a personal, fun, and interactive experience & your band doesn't even spend a dime!

Now we ask you ... what's better than that??

  • Step 1: Sign Up

    Just by signing up you put your band in our database & in front of thousands of potential new fans!
  • Step 2: Set Up

    Its not a lot to fill out so don't worry but the more information you give potential fans the better chances you have of results. Add Songs, Create Playlists, & Ask Questions; in a few clicks you will have all your songs, commonly used set lists, & important questions in our database; ready to start collecting valuable data.
  • Step 3: Let The Voting Begin

    Set up a show to get location based answers or set up a worldwide question to start gaining information about your fans.
  • Step 4: Promote!

    wechooze is FREE to use, all we ask is for a little love back. The more you promote the more information you gather & the more money you stand to make. We don't even just mean the increase of ticket / merch sales but we sponsor suportive bands!
  • Step 5: Go Have A Drink!

    Sit back play a video game, write a new song, drive to the next show, or just do nothing because after you set everything up all you have to do is let wechooze do its thing! Just remember to check back every once in a while to see the results!

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How Does Wechooze Help Your Band?

We ask you ... how important is it to the future of your band?

  • To know the next best place to book a show
  • Which song is your fans favorite in NYC vs. LA
  • What merch you should buy more of
  • To have fans feel like they are a part of every step with you
  • Constantly be reaching new fans
  • Have a convenient way for fans to find shows, social media, and ticket sales
  • Answer all your fans questions
  • This information takes seconds to collect & can be pulled up anywhere

Wechooze can help your band achieve ever one of these goals & so much more!

So One Last Question ... What Are You Waiting For??
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*please note that band description & record label are not required to sign up & that all information can be changed after sign up


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