User FAQ's


Wechooze is not just an app, it is a community, an emotional connection, an interactive social media, wechooze is a revolution. Music reaches out to so many people because it moves people emotionally but as our society has become more reliant on social media and technology we have lost the personal touch in the events that thrive on that touch. Wechooze is a movement to use the very same technology that hinders the interactivity and allows the fans and musicians to make our personal marks on the industry all while helping the people who already work hard for this industry.

WECHOOZE is a brand new app and website that allows the end user to interact with their favorite bands/artists. Simply put: Your favorite band will post questions and a list of choices to vote on, the band/artist then view the answers in real time. You can also see a list of bands playing in your area based on location.

Where do I get the WECHOOZE apps?

You can download the app for either your iPhone or your Android device by going to our website and clicking on the "download" button.

Is there a charge for the app?

No! Wechooze is completely FREE to use and download.

Why should I download the app?

You will be supporting your favorite bands, help deserving charities and be able to communicate with your favorite bands/artists.

How do I win free sh!t?

You are automatically entered to win your share of "one of a kind" prizes and special offers whenever you use that app. Sometimes, your favorite band may offer special prizes including but not limited to: back stage passes, meet and greets, special events and more.

How can I follow what WECHOOZE is up to next?

You can follow us on almost all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and direct mailings.

Can I get an "edge" on winning some good stuff?

Trick Question. There is no edge but we will be giving away lots of goodies to lucky users that tag us in Intagram and Twitter, also posting pics to our Facebook page (promoting WECHOOZE)

Why don't I see any of my favorite bands?

Don't worry, chances are your favorite bands/artists will be using WECHOOZE in the near future. If you want us to sign a particular band/artist, email us at or post suggestions to our Facebook page.

How do I use the WECHOOZE app?

It's simple.
Download the app (it's free)
Register/Sign up (it's free)
Search for questions/bands